Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Save our beaches and let it be known… BP Blows

Did you know… 60,000 barrels of oil are believed to be gushing into the Gulf from the BP spill. 102 school gymnasiums could theoretically be filled floor-to-ceiling with oil from the spill. 11 workers are missing or presumed to be dead from the explosion. 400 wildlife species are threatened by the oil spill. 25 million birds cross the Gulf Coast per day and are potentially at risk. 27 offshore Gulf drilling operations have been approved since the BP spill. 2 of those were awarded to BP. $1.6 billion is the confirmed cost of the Gulf oil spill to BP, as of June 14, 2010. (

Join in the fight to cleanup the mess BP has started. The BP Campaign started with one’s man frustration with BP’s dismal efforts to restore the Gulf. Wes Spicer decided it was time to take a stand and express his outrage. Thus, the t-shirt was born.

You can purchase your t-shirt at for just $9.95. A portion of the proceeds will go to wildlife rescue and environmental groups working on oil spill cleanup efforts. The message on the t-shirt is straight forward and to the point so the public can vent its anger with BP. If BP won’t do anything about this it’s up to us.

Still not convinced, see for yourself how serious this oil spill is at

The BP Campaign gives the public a chance to make a statement and a difference.

Keep up with the latest updates and express your thoughts at

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