Monday, September 27, 2010

Four Generations Tall

Since 1924, Zuckerman Homes has built more than 10,000 luxury homes throughout Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, Collier and Lee counties, establishing itself as a leader in quality craftsmanship and personalized care. Together with a talented hands-on team of architects, planners, designers and contractors, Zuckerman Homes provides the very best value for your housing dollar by offering quality homes with innovative designs to satisfy the desires of today’s discerning homebuyer.

The four-generation family business started in 1924 in Queens, N.Y., and then moved to South Florida in the early 1960s where Mel Zuckerman merged his home building company with his father's.
Zuckerman Homes survived the though economic downturn with sound ideas, solid deals and wonderful management. Building solid foundations for your future, Zuckerman Homes continues to establish itself as a customer-driven leader in personalized care and craftsmanship by delivering exceptional product at an outstanding value.

"Our Zuckerman home is truly our "Castle". The Zuckerman family accommodated every request to make our home unique for us. We are now enjoying the lifestyle of luxury in our new home."
Tracy and Blair Foerster
Windemere Homeowners

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Never Forget to Take Your Medication Again

It never fails. No matter how many prescriptions we have had in our lifetime, we all share the same problem. The thing we have the most difficulty with is remembering when to take our pills.

But, thanks to Henry Ford Health System, remembering when to take our pills has gotten a lot easier.

Henry Ford Health System has teamed up with Rexam and Med Time Technology in creation of “The Pill Timer.”

The Pill Timer gives both audio and visual alerts at prescribed intervals, notifying the consumer that it is time to take their next pill. Never again will someone have to worry about keeping track of when to take their next dosage. It’s the first Medication Management device designed for the pharmacist to show consumers how to program at the point when they pick up their prescription.

In addition to the medical benefits of taking medicine on time, staying on schedule will benefit you financially. According to Ian Shendale, the CEO of Med Time, being admitted to the hospital could cost anywhere between $5,000 and $7,000 and an Emergency Room visit caused by medication errors could cost up to $500.

The Pill Timer will be distributed at Henry Ford flagship locations in Michigan.

Check out The Pill Timer on ABC News!

For more information, please visit the website at

Southeast's most Famous Hair Restoration Specialist goes National

With 20 years of surgical experience and over 11,000 successful hair transplant procedures, Dr. Larry Shapiro and his knowledgeable staff are going national with a special 4-step hair care system and companion book.

Dr. Shapiro’s unique expertise has lead him to the Help Hair™ Shake, a one of a kind shake that is all natural and vitamin-rich which helps people achieve real hair recovery.

As an all natural growth-hormone free product, Help Hair™ is a great supplement for proper hair nutrition supplying all the essential amino acids, proteins and vitamins that is needed for ones hair.

The extraordinary 4-step hair care products are made with the highest quality products and are therefore available at Whole Foods stores in Florida. Dr. Shapiro’s products and books can also be purchased on a national basis from their online Help Hair website,
Each step in the Help Hair line is designed for to work internally and externally to provide all the nutrients that ones body needs.

Step 1: The Protein Shake provides the consumer with nutrition that your body lacks. Formulated to stimulate healthier hair and nails, it contains a high level of biotin the most important ingredient for healthy hair and nails.

Step2: The Vitamin supplements contains biotin which is the most important nutrient formulated to promote the healthy hair and beautiful nails.

Step3: The Shampoo is an emollient, protein and vitamin rich moisturizing shampoo for your hair and scalp which provides fuller, flourishing, vibrant hair.

Step 4: The Conditioner contains botanical extracts and works to soften hair and promote healthy growth and styling manageability.

To hear testimonials and see more of Dr. Shapiro’s Help Hair products view the link: