Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yaacov Heller Gallery 22 and Artist, Art Siegel host showcase to benefit Multiple Sclerosis Foundation with Special Guests from Ascendant Planned Giving

Guests were honored with the privilege to mingle at Yaacov Heller’s Gallery 22 in Boca Raton for a meet and greet with the remarkably talented and world renowned artist, Art Siegel , whose works are currently on display at the Boca Museum of Art. A few select pieces of Siegel’s 3 Dimensional artworks were displayed at Yaacov Heller’s gallery as a draw to benefit The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.  The “Cocktails & Cupcakes Reception” provided by special guest sponsors Ascendant Planned Giving , Allstar GourmetCupcakes, Caruso Ristorante, Tito’s Vodka, and Mediterranean Specialty Products gave the event quite an array of treats. As guests breezed through Gallery 22, amazed with unique sculptures, jewelry, and paintings, they mingled among one another and were married with cocktails, hors devours, and cupcakes all while benefiting The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

Written by: Shauna Dolan 


Take a moment to determine what truly inspires you.

Now combine that with philanthropy. Giving back is about linking passion with action and it doesn't have to be complex. A big part of the legacy you leave is how it includes and impacts the next generation. What is better than investing in your own values, community, and society by giving time and money to the things you care about most?

Ascendant Planned Giving, Inc.  works with individuals, families, charitable organizations, and small businesses helping them plan, assess and manage their charitable endeavors. Ascendant focuses on helping families and small businesses integrate philanthropy into their lives, while showing nonprofit organizations how to attract long-term support using planned giving programs. Ascendant seeks to increase the impact of philanthropy in society by working with donors to make their giving more strategic, effective and enjoyable; by developing creative, leveraged and useful philanthropic approaches to solving important social issues; and by inspiring more individuals, families, companies and organizations to become deeply involved in philanthropy.

You get what you give. We all have the power to give of ourselves and for many of us, the power to give of our wealth. It is with the shared vision of a better future for all, that challenges are faced head-on, obstacles are overcome, opportunities are exposed and access is granted. Philanthropy is our contribution to a better world. Not only will it change your life, but someone else's life too. Together, we can make a difference.

Written by: Samantha Nagler

Wednesday, May 29, 2013



     The Mermaid Parade is the largest art parade in the nation (  The parade is held in Coney Island every year in celebration of the beginning of the summer season.  Individuals from all over the five boroughs gather for the ocean-themed event to showcase their artwork and express community prode.  This year the 31st annaul Mermaid Parade is in limbo.  In 2012 Hurricane Sandy devestated the area particually dealing damage to New Jersey and New York.  Sand was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the season and the second-costliest in US history.  The storm damaged much of the area destroying offices and local revenue sources that contribute to the parade and the community is in need of economic stimulation more than ever.  Please visit the Kickstarter page to donate money to fund Coney Island USA and help save the Mermaid Parade.  Coney Island USA is and IRS 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit arts organization (and a tax decutible charity).

Monday, May 20, 2013

Art Siegel Showcases 3D Art

Art work by internationally known artist, Art Siegel, is now open for public view in Boca Raton’s Museum of Art until July 14th. Not only are his works inspirational, they are also three - dimensional. Although Art has been getting a lot of attention in Boca Raton, his pieces hang in different homes varying from Montreal to South America.

Siegel’s 3D pieces focus on the background scenery, rather than the actual subjects. “Everything that appears on the screen must serve as credible context for the story,” Siegel says. Some of Art’s three dimensional works include titles such as Number 6 to Pelham Bay and 7th Avenue Local.

Making artwork is not the only limitation for Siegel; it has also enabled community involvement by working with charities. On Thursday May 23rd, two of Siegel’s pieces will be shown at Yaacov Heller’s Gallery 22 for a cocktail and cupcake reception benefitting The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (MSF). The guests at the event will have a chance to meet him and learn more about his art work. Thanks to all of our sponsors: Tito’s Vodka, Mediterranean Specialty Products LLC, AllStar Cupcakes, and Caruso’s Ristorante.
For more information, please contact Abby Blake at 561-750-9800 ext 229 or

Written By: Fransheska Pacheco