Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Bullying Academy

Bullying is now bigger issue than ever before.Kids of all age groups are being bullied every day in school and over the Internet. Worst of all, parents are not aware that this even happening sometimes. There is a solution that schools need to be aware of and take advantage of: The Bullying Academy. The bullying Academy is a web - based interactive program created to help students and educators recognize the dangers of bullying and cyber bullying. This program is made for 4th through 8th grade kids and has been implanted in over 500 schools nationwide. The Bullying Academy teaches them about bullying in order to help prevent, avoid, and stop bullying. Bullying affects kids and adults of all ages, however The Bullying Academy give kids the chance to end bullying before it begins. Visit http://www.bullyingacademy.org/ for more information.

My Verified Pro

It's a worry you shouldn't have - Does your housekeeper have a criminal background? Is you plumber on the sex offender registry? Does your contractor really have the licenses he clams he has?

Hiring a credible service professional can be stressful and overwhelming when you don't have reliable verification.

My Verified Pro provides you with a free, creditable work background check, to guarantee your hiring is verified.

From home builders to doctors, it performs full background checks on professionals from nearly every industry. When you use My Verified Pro you can feel confident that whoever you hire is exactly who they say they are. Find out more by visiting