Thursday, November 3, 2011

Advertisement and Art?

The King's Faith has been getting much attention as a powerful feature length independent film providing teens with profound messages about where they stand in life. The story takes place with Brendan King, a foster kid, just released from juvenile detention after serving a three year sentence, starts attending an affluent high school in a suburb outside of the city. Brendan is determined to get his life back in order and works hard to achieve his goal, but when confronted by his old gang leader; his life seems to be on the fast track to destroying everything he has just built.

TransMedia has used this powerful film to place products such as Tom's Knife and Fork Lift, Kesi Case men's clothing and accessories line, and Dr. Fischer's Ultrasol Sunscreen integrating advertisement and art.

Tom's Knife and Fork Lift
Tom's Knife and Fork Lift is a combination of utensils and dumbbells that serve as a constant reminder that eating puts weight on and requires exercise to take it off. Lifting food with these utensils is like doing curls with dumbbells.

Dr. Fischer's Ultrasol Sunscreen
Dr. Fischer's Ultrasol Sunscreen products protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays. These products represent the most recent breakthroughs and innovation in essential sunscreen technology. All formulations were scientifically developed to be skin friendly, tested, and approved according to the FDA, recommended by dermatologists and by the American Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV sunscreen. Product ranges with general, babies, kids, sport, and specials and come available as creams, lotions, continuous, sprays and mousse.

Kesi Case
Kesi Case, a fashion designer, philanthropist and advocate for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation has collections inspired by her life experiences. Her collections range from read-to-wear, bridal, swimwear and an entire men's line of clothing and accessories. In the King's Faith, Kesi will be featuring a men's tie out of her men's clothing and accessories line.

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Get Fit With Gabi Rose

After being morbidly obese for twelve years and suffering from asthma, back and hip pain, hernias, rosacea and migraines, Gabi Rose had to make a life saving decision. With dedication and determination, Gabi went from a size 26 to a slender size 2, losing a drastic 130 pounds. Her life changing action did not just end at size 2; Gabi’s experience with helping herself lead her on the path to helping others by becoming a role model and health guru for not only her husband and four children, but for millions who want to make a significant change in their lives.

Gabi received her BA and BS from the University of Miami and her Master’s of Science from Nova Southeastern University. Her thermodynamic weight lose practice has improved the lives of numerous patients. Her program aids rapid fat loss while increasing lean muscle mass, metabolic rate and energy. Every patient receives their own individualized treatment that includes nutrition and fitness assistance, counseling in motivation and behavior modification as well as medication. Her program yields an average 21 pounds in weight loss in just 4 weeks!

Gabi’s experience with losing 130 lbs and keeping it off makes her a living example of success. Her show “Absolute Beauty” will air on national television in 2012. Her experience gave her the gift of passion to help others improve their lives to achieve their goals of living a happy, healthy lifestyle.

"The training of the body begins with the mind"-Gabi Rose

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