Monday, March 18, 2013

PetBenefits membership means big money savings for you!


PetBenefits is dedicated to providing pet lovers wonderful resources.  For just $36 per year, members can receive discounts on pet food, supplies, meds and more.   “At we want to make the financial responsibilities of pet ownership a little easier to manage,” said Dr. Barry Baumel co-founder of the organization. 
Membership also includes an option to email a veterinarian with any non-emergency question you might have about your pet, potentially saving the cost of bringing them into a clinic to have them evaluated.  This service is free to members 3x a year. Sign up for your membership HERE and begin receiving pet benefits immediately!
  • For only $36 per year members receive all these benefits:
    ·        Free Service 3 times a year.                           
    ·        Veterinary Discount Plan.                                                           
    ·        Discounts on pet health and accident insurance.
    ·        Discounts on pet food, supplies and meds.
    ·        Owner discounts on travel, office and retail.   
    ·        Wholesale Buyers Club for members only.