Friday, April 19, 2013


Drinking water is one of the most vital components of our daily diets.  Nitrate levels in drinking water are considered an absolute indicator of overall water quality.  Most bottled spring water contains a rising level of nitrates and consuming them can be a potential health problem.  Not SNO Iceland glacier water!  SNO is 100% natural and unadulterated meaning it is untouched, unchanged and contains zero nitrates.  If nitrates are one supplement you'd rather not find in your water, consider licking a 20,000-year-old Icelandic glacier for the ultimate pure water.

Doctors and nutritionist suggest that the average adult should consume at least 8 glasses of water on a daily bases or 2 x 1 liters of SNO.  SNO comes from the 20,000-year-old famous Eyjafjallajokull Glacier where it is filtered naturally thru layers of volcanic rock, giving it the purity, natural balance and crisp refreshing taste that nature intended (  For your health and optimum body function drink SNO Iceland glacier water.

Written by: Michael Manos

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Boca Raton, FL--  How much do men know about their prostate?  What’s their Prostate IQ?

TransMedia Group ( has devised a way to find out through the National Prostate IQ Test.

"TransMedia said it constructed the test to go along with a mobile app created by Dr. Herb Ross. The app, called Prostate Aerobics ( serves as a personal trainer reminding and instructing users to exercise their pelvic floor muscles to strengthen and restore prostate health.

"Pelvic floor muscles shouldn't sag like the floors of a decrepit house," said Dr. Ross, author of "sleep Disorders.

"If they do, Viagra and Cialis won't help as much and sleep won't last as long due to frequent urination at night".

For media, here’s a sneak preview of the test.  Find out what male readers/viewers know about protecting their prostate and reducing frequency of bathroom visits at night.  Dr. Ross knows much about those interruptions as he was the founder of the Aspen Sleep Institute.

1.      The prostate . . .
A)     Produces the fluid portion of semen
B)     Produces hormones
C)     Causes  stress
D)     Causes euphoria

2.      What set of muscles need to be exercised to prevent frequent urination and maintain good prostate health?
A)     Chest
B)     Biceps
C)     Triceps
D)     Pelvic Floor

3.      Pelvic Floor muscles help you…
A)     Jump higher
B)     Run faster
C)     Think clearer
D)     Prevent incontinence of bladder or bowel

4.      What do Pelvic Floor exercises comprise?
A)     Lifting weights
B)     Running
C)     Contracting and relaxing muscles that form part of the pelvic floor
D)     Bike riding

5.      A man’s Pelvic Floor muscles can be weakened by
A)     Straining to empty bowel
B)     Heavy lifting
C)     Overweight
D)     Aging
E)      All of the above

6.      What are benefits of strong Pelvic Floor muscles?
A)     Easier bowel emptying
B)     Increased sexual sensation
C)     Reduced risk of prolapse
D)     All of the above

7.      What cancer is second to lung cancer as a leading cause of male cancer deaths?
A)     Prostate
B)     Brain
C)     Lymphoma
D)     Melanoma

8.      A weak Pelvic Floor is like . . .
A)     Sagging floor of a house
B)     Flabby biceps
C)     Bulging belly
D)     None of the above

9.       Cialis/Viagra experience will be better with stable Pelvic Floor:
A)     True
B)     False

KEY:      1)A      2)D      3)D      4)C      5)E      6)D      7)A      8)A    

Friday, April 5, 2013

Athletes turning to ALCAT for personalized dieting

The ALCAT test or antigen leukocyte test is a leader in its respective field of food intolerance and sensitivity testing.  Intolerance to food additives has been linked to a variety of health issues including digestive problems, migraines  joint and skin problems, obesity and diabetes.  The ALCAT measures your intolerance using a technology that measures how your white blood cells respond when exposed to different foods.
Athletes all over the world are constantly seeking ways to enhance performance.  Eating healthy helps reach performanc
e targets and aides in wellness and recovery.  The ALCAT test results serve as the basis for elimination diet treatment, which helps athletes avoid conditions considered to be the result of food intolerance such as obesity.  The tests are gaining wider acceptance, especially among nutritionists who work with professional athletes.  It is currently being used by several teams in the NFL and NBA.
"It's still amazing to see how athlete's bodies and energy levels respond when they find out what the proper diet is for their body," said Roger Deutsch, CEO of Cell Sciences Systems and creator of the ALCAT test.  Studies have shown diet modification and food sensitivity testing to be practical treatment for a number of chronic health problems.  Some of the well known athletes using the ALCAT include: Boston Red Sox' All-star David Ortiz, Minnesota Twins All-star Justin Morneau, Vancouver Canucks' David Booth, Los Angeles Lakers' Steve Nash, and World champion skier Christian Mayer.


  Written by: Michael Manos