Tuesday, December 18, 2012

TransMedia Group Publicity Helps Make Venus World's Most Famous Cat

TransMedia Group's worldwide publicity for Venus, the captivatingly adorable "two-faced" cat, including an appearance on NBC Today Show, has resulted in an exciting new contract for the cat's owners with the GUND® division of Enesco, LLC, one of the world's leading manufacturers of stuffed animals for gifts and collectibles.
"When there seems to be a new cute kitten gaining YouTube fame each week, it's tough to stand out from the cat crowd," said Tom Madden, TransMedia founder and CEO, "but we managed to do it."

Madden's firm made Venus the internet star du jour thanks in large part to the work of TransMedia publicists who placed Venus on national media, while making her a social media sensation, Madden said.

Venus has several YouTube videos which have been seen over 2 million times and has her own Facebook page that TransMedia helps to manage, where she has attracted more than 85,000 fans from almost every country around the world.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Dry Fried Wings Ready To Roll Into DC Market

Following a remarkably successful launch in Ft. Lauderdale, FL led by NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal, The Dry Fried Wing Company (OTC: EEDG) is taking roots in the Washington, DC market with the signing of a Licensing Agreement with The Box Bar & Grill. http://theboxbarandgrill.com 

"The wings are off the charts and there's nothing better with sports, friends and drink than amazing wings," said George Farrell, owner of the Bethesda, MD Sports Bar. "I am in the process of franchising The Box Bar and Grill and will be making the entire Dry Fried Wings menu an integral part of our concept. Holiday season is upon us and we plan to begin co-branding Dry Fried Wings before the New Year. It will have a tremendous impact and keep customers coming back."

"We are extremely excited to break into the dynamic DC Market with an up and coming Sports Bar concept," said Dry Fried Wings co-founder Dr. Benjamin Chavis.

The Company will also be opening co-branded units in three premier Bravo Pizza locations in Manhattan as well as several pizzerias in South Florida in the coming weeks.

For more information http://dryfriedwings.com/

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The All Natural Bone and Joint Supplement, My Perfect Bones

Gigi Stetler is an inspiring entrepreneur that has turned her passion for horses into a blossoming career.

An animal lover that worked in the horse industry for years; her hard work, and compassion lead her to create her own horse school “riding with style,” based in Broward County, Fl.

But after years of experience with riding, and owning horses she realized how frequently these beautiful creatures experienced bone problems especially those used for professional purposes.

She knew she had to do something – so she created “The Perfect Bones” a supplement line made specifically for horse’s bones that helps protect them. The products are strongly recommended since they are “natural” and carry no side effects. They use organic minerals and patented all natural supplements to fight, reduce, and reverse the symptoms felt by the patient.

The product was so effective that she created the same line of supplements for humans to improve their lifestyle. People have been amazed about the results of the product:

“…As I aged, my vigorous workout routine left me a lot more sore and with much less energy. Taking My Perfect Joints allowed me to maintain the same workout without any pain. Aging no longer hinders me from working out as hard as I want" - Richard, Marketer.”

The product is helping people and animals to prevent injuries and to be more efficient in the everyday lives, for more information visit www.myperfectbones.com .

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Madden Coaches Russian Publicists How To Manage a Crisis

Tom Madden, CEO of TransMedia Group, will be delivering an address on November 15th, 2012 at the PR Russia Forum (http://www.prrforum.ru/) in Moscow on a subject very familiar to him, Crisis Management. Mr. Madden will discuss Crisis Management programs he and his team have exemplified and implemented for major companies such as American Broadcasting Companies, AT&T, and Kellogg’s. Examples such as successful crisis management communication strategies and predicament of political campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will be discussed during Maddens address. Tom Madden also had the opportunity to be Vice President and Assistant to the President of NBC during a rough period for the network in 1980’s before he had established TransMedia Group.

Friday, November 9, 2012



The owner of RV Sales of Broward has already provided 10 New York families with trailers to get through these rough cold nights. Now, she wants to focus on Long Beach, NY. If you have homeowners insurance it’s FREE to you (it’s covered under the “additional living” policy)! Each trailer fits about six to eight people, with an available generator if needed. The RV will come with water supplies, and house hold tools, to help get you back on your feet.

Please contact owner Gigi Stetler:

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fiora®: First to Combine Jewelry and Perfume in a Stunning Murano Glass Emitting Captivating Scent.

The new Fiora® line from Italy including the authentic Murano glass which not only evokes beauty but aroma, all thanks to the newest technology patented process that impregnates Italian Filigree divine designed jewelry with Brand fragrances. This and Europe's hottest trend of high quality charm bracelets are now available now around the United States and right here in South Florida. Fiora® (www.fioraitaly.com and www.fioracharms.com) is a new sparkling Italian designed bead and charm line that compromises precious metals such as Swarovski Elements, creative color "mother of pearl" mosaics, various inlayed precious and semi-precious stones all touching the most precious special moments of one's love and passion. Fiora® has a mission to bring the hottest new trends from Europe to the states, making it simple for you to combine your precis loves, interests and style into a tailored charm bracelets that accentuates the best parts of you.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Great Britain Blues; Life in a ‘Whalefare’ State:

Writer Chris Fountain is originally from Ocala, Florida, where he gained the nickname CAPTAIN REDNECK at a young age. He writes his memoir as he speaks in a gen-x lingo with a Southern drawl. When Chris isn’t writing songs, he works his “bollocks” off to provide for his family, as a steel ‘polisher’. “I just use a hand grinder all day cleaning up the welds that the fabricators did,” He says.

Here is a Welfare State

So don't vote Obama, hell no lord no, please not again!

'Cause very soon, we will be too, please not the USA!

Today he is worried that President Obama is leading the United States down a road that is all too familiar to the ‘whalefare society’ similar to Great Britain. In the U.S., you get three times more for your dollar than you do for your pound here, plus you can get a garden (yard) big enough for your kids to play in, behind a house that doesn't look like a f ____n' doll house. And you don't have to have the heater on all year round, just to f ___'n stay alive." Fountain says he prays President Obama won't crash land America into

Chris was stationed in England in the USAF and since then a series of misadventures have invariably landed him in a lot of trouble that kept the blues heading his way; his wife who allegedly cheats on him, the bank that tries to clip him and two precious children has is devoted to as each chapter contains passionate, superbly poetic lyrics to 49 songs echoing his beliefs about life, religion, taxes, weather and welfare.

For those unemployed men and women struggling through the hope and change of ‘Obama Times’ Fountain sees the United States falling down toward the same overtaxed land and welfare morass that is gripped not so many merry ole England, as today more funds are spent on welfare than on any other U.S government program.

Chris Fountain wants to offers everyone that visits his website www.thegreatbritainblues.com a 25% discount off of the purchase price of the book using the coupon code that he will provide. Fountain’s discount will be valid from now until Election Day on November 6th, 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hate Must Stop Before Peace Can Happen

Real Peace Middle East (RPME), is a not-for-profit organization based in Miami, Florida. Rabbi Sam Intrator is president of this organization and has just released a trilogy of mini-webisodes on Youtube that satirize U.S. policies toward Israel as well as conflicting attitudes many liberal Jews in America have toward Israel. On Thursday October 18th, a demonstration in support of Israel by both Democratic and Republican Rabbis was executed in front of the Israeli Consulate in Miami. Rabbi Sam Intrator is the former Rabbi of the world renowned Carlebach Shul in New York City and is a prominent spiritual teacher. Today, he is the Rabbi of the Carlebach Minyan in Miami Beach, Florida. In practice and message, Rabbi Sam crosses the boundaries between Jewish denominations to reveal a common heritage as the source of the Jewish tradition. Another boundary he crosses at times is Politics. Similar to many other liberal Jews, he is a life-long Democrat who like other Rabbis today, is concerned about contradictory irrational U.S policies toward the Middle East and Israel in particular. Rabbi Sam believes these policies are hampering instead of helping the peace process between Israel and its Palestinian neighbors. Rabbi Sam also spoke to students at Lynn University about the peace between Israeli’s and Palestinians.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

ComfiHips®, New Hip Protector Product To Help Prevent Fractures For Those Who Are At Risk Of Falling

More than 300,000 Americans fracture a hip each year; ComfiHips® (www.comfihips.com) helps prevent these hip injuries.

ComfiHips® gives around the clock protection for its consumers, and are amazingly lightweight- each pad actually weighs less than a small bag of potato chips (about 25 chips). The pads are designed to fit easily into concealed interior pockets of their specially designed, ultra-soft undergarments. "It's hard for anyone to know you are wearing our low profile ComfiHips®," said Martin Onrot, co-creator of ComfiHips®.

"Our product is not only designed and recommended to those who are at risk of falling, but also nursing homes and assisted living residents, patients undergoing rehabilitation, and people with balance issues," said Iris Onrot, co-creator of ComfiHips®.

ComfiHips® allows seniors to continue their regular lifestyles and be protected 24/7.

About ComfiHips®:
ComfiHips® is a hip protector product to help prevent hip fractures. The company is based out of Boynton Beach, FL. ComfiHips® is patented.

4 Steps Nonprofits Can Take to Establish a Lasting Partnership

Ashley Halligan, an analyst at Software Advice, recently reached out to interview one of our clients--the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation--about tactics nonprofit organization should take to establish lasting cause marketing relationships. The article was mentioned in a New York Times post yesterday, too.

Nathalie Sloane, Development Director of of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, was quoted in Halligan's article:

In the meantime, nurturing that relationship is the key to ensuring longevity. Nathalie Sloane, Development Director of Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, emphasizes the value in keeping a business actively involved in an NPO's efforts "so they can have a hands-on approach on what happens day to day."

Halligan's articles suggests four fundamental steps to identifying and achieving relationships with for-profit businesses. Read her original story on the Software Advice blog.

Diners enjoy gourmet meals while being blindfolded, and it’s all for a good cause

Seeing was not believing for Boca Raton based non-profit Stand Among Friends this past week during its fundraiser event “Lights Out.”

The event held during disability awareness month, highlights the many challenges that a blind person faces while at dinner.

Participants were blindfolded from going to their seats, to dining and drinking; providing them with a real life experience of what it feels like to dine blind.

The tri-county event was hosted in three different locations across south Florida including Dapur Asian Tapas & Lounge in Fort Lauderdale, Rosso Italia in Boca Raton and Red, The Steakhouse in South Beach.

The non-profit partners with Florida Atlantic University to build awareness in the community providing employment and resources for individuals with disabilities.

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation & Fashion’s Fight Against MS!

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation is putting together a spectacular fashion show this December at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton Ft. Lauderdale! Exquisite designers will be showcased and as an added fashion treat will be the luxurious jewelry, Fiora (http://www.fioracharms.com/) Europe's hottest new trend to the States will also be showcased.

Invitation holders will join us at 11am, lunch will begin at 12:30, allowing guests to enjoy cocktails, hors d’oeurvres and silent auction prior to the luncheon.
Sponsorships, raffle and gift bags items are still available. For more information visit www.msfocus.org

Monday, October 22, 2012

October Fest at Hop Won Dinner Club!

Grab your friends and Hop Won over after work for two-for-one House drink specials from 4-7pm and try the featured Entrée and Beer pairings on Fabulous Fridays and Sexy Saturdays! Be sure to reserve your table, for this is the event of the weekend you don’t want to miss!


BOCA RATON, FL.--TransMedia Group's worldwide publicity for Venus, the "two-faced" cat, including appearances the firm arranged on NBC Today Show, has resulted in a lucrative contract for the cat's owners with Gund, one of the world's leading manufacturers of teddy bears and other stuffed animals for gifts and collectibles.

"When there seems to be a new cute kitten gaining YouTube fame each week, it's tough to stand out from the cat crowd," said trustee Tom Madden, TransMedia founder and CEO, "but we managed to do it."
Madden's firm made Venus the internet star du jour thanks in large part to the work of TransMedia publicists Donna Balancia, who got some great national media placements and Abby Blake, who was superb on social media, Madden said.

The feline's face is perfectly divided in two - one half is jet black while the other is calico. And, as if this wasn't enough, her eyes are different colors too - one is ice blue, the other is green, Madden said. You can see her on the firm's website at www.transmediagroup.com.

Venus is known as a chimera cat because of her genetic composition and her different eye colors caused by heterochromia. Venus has several YouTube videos which have been seen over 2 million times with thousands clicking the 'like' button. Venus now has her own Facebook page too that TransMedia manages, where she has attracted more than 80,000 fans. Venus' proud owner praises TransMedia Group for all the media meows and kudos Venus has received and now the Gund contract is icing on the chimera cake.

Monday, October 15, 2012

1st Annual Poker Run Benefiting MS in Port Charlotte, FL!

Living well is a program designed to help those that are living with multiple sclerosis manage MS and its symptoms, develop healthy eating habits and the role that nutrition plays in MS. This program is designed specifically for each individual to increase the ability in coping with the diagnosis.

Port Charlotte is hosting its First annual Poker Run for Living Well with MS Support Group on November 17th, 2012. All of the proceeds will be benefitting the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Participants will begin at the Black Widow Harley-Davidson; they then will drive to various local bars to collect their remaining cards. Once the tournament is complete at Chubby’z Tavern, there will be music provided by DJ Happy Feet, prizes for the Best and Worst Hand, games, prizes and more! Sponsors include Pepsi-Cola, Mc Donalds, and Harley-Davidson.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Israel And Palestine At The Peace Table? Are you kidding me?

In past years, the relationship between Israel and Palestine has been delicate, if not rocky. Lately, the situation has gotten more severe and U.S policies aren’t helping the peace process. The not-for-profit group, Real Peace Middle East ( www.rpme.org ) an organization of Rabbis and peace advocates, is offering a new approach—comedy. It has joined with Hollywood to create a satiric trilogy for YouTube. The mini webisodes illustrate the incoherent and contradictory White House policies towards the Middle East and Israel. The objective of these satires is to broaden the discussion and result in a peace agreement, starting with making fun of the erratic U.S policies and occasionally irrational political attitudes toward Israel on the part of liberal Jews.


1. "Recipe For Peace" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlY49G21fYU&feature=youtu.be )

2. “Confessions of a Liberal Jew” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FWsW9FAL3E&feature=relmfu )

3. “Peace Calling No Answer” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_lRmbjdmfQ&feature=relmfu )

Monday, October 8, 2012

Best New Dinner Club in Davie!

Come out and join us for the Grand Opening!

Friday, October 5, 2012

75 Main Presents Bachelor and Bachelorette Themed Evening!


It was all smiles during “Bachelor and Bachelorette Night” at 75 Main in Delray Beach (http://75maindelray.com/ ).   Crowds were formed, drinks were flowing, top notch DJ music and delicious food all around and the evening was a wonderful success! 
  Photo Credit: Michael Razler

L to R - Robert & Karen Stein (Avenue Productions Model & Talent Agency); Zach Erdem (75 Main); Michael Lohan (TransMedia Group); Nathalie Sloane (The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation)

L to R Zach Erdem (75 Main); Michael Lohan (TransMedia Group);


Avenue Productions (www.avemodels.com) is the talent and modeling agency for those that are hungry for the ultimate Hollywood dream. So what makes this agency so unique? With 21 years in the business, Avenue Productions owners, Robert and Karen Stein, have been bringing in BIG talent within the small city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Not only have models and actors worked on TV series such as The Glades and Burn Notice, but also motion pictures like Marley and Me, Striptease, The Bodyguard, and the list goes on! Forget about the other pricey agencies. With Avenue Productions, you’ve got a cost- effective company with the experience to bring out the next big star!

Presented by Michael Lohan, the event was hosted by 75 Main (http://75maindelray.com/ ), in conjunction with Avenue Productions that supplied the beautiful women and gorgeous men for the event.

ABOUT 75 MAIN: This chic, sexy, seductive atmosphere a posh 4,600 square feet of white leather Barcelona chairs, walnut porcelain floors, textured wave walls, marble-topped bar and original artwork by Raphael Mazzucco, is ready to take you on a musical journey. Unwind and enjoy fabulous food from their menu, “contemporary American cuisine with Mediterranean accents.”


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dr. Raphael Wald To Dedicate Inspirational Speech to Veterans

Dr. Raphael Wald, owner of Palm Beach Psychology Associates (www.pbpaonline.com), is a one of the leading psychologists and neuropsychologists in Boca Raton, FL. His varietal experience includes individual therapy, group therapy, and psychological assessment as well as neuropsychological assessment. Dr. Wald has had the privilege of working with people whose ages range from toddlers to seniors. He has experienced working with all sorts of disorders and diseases, such as depression, anxiety, concussions, multiple sclerosis, dementia, Alzheimer’s and more. During school, Dr. Wald worked at the Veteran’s Affair hospital in Connecticut and treated veterans with a variety of mental health concerns, including combat related post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and drug addiction.He was published as the first author in the Journal of Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology and published a book focusing on cause and treatments of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).  On November 12th, 2012 Dr. Wald will be dedicating an inspiration address to Veterans by Boca Raton. The 14th annual South Florida Veteran’s Day Dinner will take place at Benvenuto Restaurant in Boynton Beach

Veteran's Day Dinner

WHAT: The 14th Annual South Florida Veteran's Day Dinner will be hosted at Benvenuto Restaurant in Boynton Beach. The American Military Organization will be sponsoring the event together with Wounded Warriors of South Florida, Veteran's Adaptive Sports Organization and the Veteran's Supporting Organization of Broward County. The dinner set for Monday, Nov. 12 will feature an inspirational address dedicated to Veteran's by Boca Raton's leading psychologist and neuropsychologist, Dr. Raphael Wald, www.pbpaonline.com , along with remarks by guests of honor U.S Congressman Allen West and Ted Deutch.

WHO: This event will start the evening with Lou Galterio singing the Star Spangled Banner. Paul LaGrone, an ABC TV affiliate in West Palm Beach will host the event, Guest speak, Dr. Raphael Wald, psychologist and neuropsychologist from www.pbpaonline.com , will dedicate an inspirational address to the Military Veterans with the presence of important guests as U.S Congressman Allen West and Ted Deutch. The American Military Organization will be part of the event as “Salute To Our Veterans” supporting all the branches of military services U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Coast Guard.

A special tribute will be given to William "Bill" Kling, the long time Chairman of the Broward Veterans Council, a World War II Navy veteran and special hero of the veterans of South Florida. Bill was a lifelong and active member of the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Jewish War Veterans and Disabled American Veterans but he has best known for his role as president of the Broward County Veterans Council which he served for 27 years. Bills activism led to building of the outpatient VA clinic in Broward County, and the opening of the South Florida National Cemetery in 2007 and Alexander Nininger State Veterans Nursing Home in Pembroke Pines.

Boynton Beach: Monday, November 12th at (www.benvenutorestaurant.com/  ) in Boynton Beach, at 6:30 pm.
Address: 1730 North Federal Highway, Boynton Beach, FL 33435

INTERVIEWS: Robert Gordon, recipient of the Gold & Bronze Medal of Honor, Florida's Public Citizen of the Year and Man with a Caring Heart Award and guest speaker Dr. Raphael Wald, psychologist and neuropsychologist from Palm Beach Psychological Associate is available to talk about honoring the brave veterans with an enlightened speech.

For more information visit, http://www.americanmilitaryorganization.org/events.html

For media inquires contact Adrienne Mazzone at amazzone@transmediagroup.com or (561) 750-9800 ext 210

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dr. Fischer literally ‘wipes’ competitors off pharmacy shelves, especially his larger, gentler, preservatives-free eyelid cleansing wipes for children!

Fischer Pharmaceuticals is well known global supplier of the most advanced pharmaceutical products to top chain stores and medical institutions throughout Europe and the United States under one of the best known pharmaceutical logos in Israel and in the 30 countries to where they export the  ‘Dr. Fischer’® brand.  
Products from sun care to baby care to dermatological products all of which meet the highest standards. Fischer Pharmaceuticals all started with Eli Fischer who created a ground-breaking plant for producing fresh types of medications under the name of "Dr. Fischer, Inc." His personal life and his public work are a vital part for his scientific and business achievements. For more information log on to https://www.facebook.com/dr.fischer.labsor http://www.dr-fischer.com/main.asp?screen_w=1366&screen_h=768



WHEN: TODAY, Tuesday, October 2, 2012, 3PM-9pm
WHERE: 270 East Atlantic Ave (http://75maindelray.com/)

                                           Delray Beach, FL 33444
                                                  Tel: 561.243.7975


Thursday—Open to public for audience participation.

Ron Anderson: “Learn from the best, be the best”

Ron Anderson is known in the entertainment industry as one of the best vocalists in the world. He spent all of his life as a vocal teacher and album vocal-producer, which lead to his most accomplished creation Voixtek. For the past 40 years he has coached some of the world’s biggest recording artists. Most recently: Tom Cruise, Alicia Keys, Enrique Iglesias, Chris Daughtry, Natalie Imbruglia, Selena Gomez, Kylie Minogue, Nelly Furtado, and The Hanson Brothers.

VoixTek™ (www.voixtek.com ) is a vocal warm-up app (iPhone, iPad, and Android) that educates its user on how to warm-up before singing to avoid future trouble on vocal cords. It does this by simplifying musical jargon combined with an easy to follow guide.

No one knows the physical workings of the vocal chords better than Ron Anderson and his technique is second to none. Ron is the artist within the artists.

Have you started warming up your voice?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Are You Interested In Becoming A Model?

Avenue Productions Model & Talent Agency

Avenue Productions Model & Talent Agency is a licensed, full-service agency supplying talent for TV Commercials, Print Work, Industrial Videos, TV Series, Movies, Music Videos and Runway. The owners, Karen and Robert Stein have an extensive background to support their talent in the fashion and modeling industry.

They focus on providing clientele with some of the most professional talent available. Looking for attractive, everyday people of ALL ages, sizes and types - outgoing, energetic people with who the general public can identify. Understand that looks are 50% in this business to succeed the “hard work” is our most valuable asset.

Ask yourself if you are ready:

• Will I make a commitment to send out my composites on a regular basis and then follow up with phone calls?

• Do I have the patience to sit at a casting call for several hours? WITHOUT complaining!

• How flexible are my hours?

• Do I have a positive mental attitude?

• Do I have a winning personality?

• Am I prepared to start NOW?

Contact us: http://avemodels.com/Home.html 

Juiceateria: A Unique One of a Kind Juice Bar and Café!

Juiceateria is the newest Juice bar and café in Boca Raton. Located in Royal Palm Place, it offers all natural, preservative and additive free, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. Theya are structured to satisfy those who are mindful of their health and desire the freshes juices. Do you want to start a juice and vegetable cleanse? Juiceateria offers a modest, specially designed and sufficiently varied array of green juices offering you the benefit of the spectrum of nutrients available from a creative and changing regimen. they also offer a full body of detoxification cleansing programs. Learn more at www.juiceateria.com.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Botox on a budget; looking years younger is now just a snap, and click away.

The Age Reverser LLC has developed a unique product that gives women the results of cosmetic surgery without ever having to go under the knife. The Facelift Band (www.TheFaceliftBand.com) is a discrete adjustable band that is camouflaged beneath the hair and then snaps on, gently lifting the sagging and loose skin around the upper face and eye area for a more youthful appearance.

Kelly Crosby Heyniger is the CEO of Age Reverser LLC and the inventor of the Age Reverser Instant Facelift Band.

"At 42, I have now reached an age where I am starting to evaluate the aging process and how it is starting to affect my appearance. I am not ready to go under the knife, and I don't need plastic surgery - yet! So I invented The Facelift Band as a way to freshen up my look," said Crosby.
Her experience as a former actress, model, hairdresser, and makeup artist truly allow her to be a leader in the beauty field, and drive her passion to empower women of all ages.
"It's a fun and simple way to temporarily erase years off your look without plastic surgery or even Botox. So, whether women are in their 30's or 60's, they can feel confident at any age."" said Crosby.

The Global Trade Chamber goal is to help medium and small sized businesses succeed

Global economies are struggling and people are being affected by the lack of capital flowing in the markets. The mission proposed by Al Otero the president of Global Trade Chamber is to get back our medium and small sized businesses on the right track. His main proposal is to help companies connect with other companies in search of new opportunities worldwide. Globalization played a big role in this past years leading businesses worldwide as they interact with each other, expanding their horizons looking for business opportunities.

His goal will be accomplish by “…comprehensible programs and events, marketing services and information enabling companies to connect with new clients, build long term relationships, run ethical and profitable enterprises, and stay ahead of the competition.” (Al Otero)

Global Trade Chamber (http://globaltradechamber.com) works as a tool for enterprises to lead their business and achieve their goals. They offer a large spectrum of resources to help their costumers become leaders. They propose an affordable plan that covers all areas of business to help customers understand their future success.
Are you involved?

Fashion Meets The Fairways! October 11th Tournament.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Self-help author, investigative journalist, and master life coach, Peter Baksa (www.PeterBaksa.com), will be at Barnes & Noble in Boca Raton to sign and discuss his book, The Point of Power.

Learn the step-by-step process (Intend, Declare, Detach), that will help you change any life situation into the one you have always desired.

Date:              Wednesday, August 22, 2012
Time:              4:00 PM
Location:       Barnes & Noble
1400 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431
(561) 750-2134

Monday, August 13, 2012

New Generation Law Firm Finds Success During Economic Downturn by Going Against Insurance Giants

At a time when recent law graduates are facing the bleakest employment picture in decades, one of South Florida’s youngest expert attorneys’ defied the economic storm and is now successfully helping clients all across South Florida.

From working out of his mother’s apartment to managing 25 employees, Abe Ovadia, Esq. is the founder of Florida PIP Law Firm, PA., (http://www.wesetthestandards.com/) the state’s leading expert in Personal Injury Protection law, which assists doctors with unpaid medical bills.

The 27 year old South Florida native’s vision started young and his peer’s aspirations were no different. This law firm’s management, is energetic, sharp, and shares a connection that’s unlike most practices. Ovadia, along with his management team have all known each other since childhood, and together they have established an increasingly popular reputation for going against big insurance companies like State Farm, and as a result helping the “little guy”.

Despite their youth, they’re no amateurs; in just its first year Florida P.I.P. filed over a thousand lawsuits in 12 counties and collected over a million dollars on behalf of its clients. The law firm files on average about 100 law suits a week.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Stand Among Friend's Receives The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation – Quality of Life Grant.

Twenty years ago, Shawn Friedkin had it all- he was newly married, excited to start a family, and had a promising future in a successful financial career. Two weeks before his 28th birthday, Shawn’s world came crashing down when he was involved in a horrific car crash which left him paralyzed from the chest down. After learning he’d be wheelchair ridden for the rest of his life, Shawn could have given up and spiraled down a destructive path of self-pity, losing any motivation to go forward.

Instead, he decided his new disability was not going to define him as a person. As he began to rebuild his life, he realized there were few resources for people in his situation. Frustrated, he founded Stand Among Friends (www.standamongfriends.org), a 501(c)3 nonprofit and opened the name-sake disability center headquartered on Boca Raton’s Florida Atlantic University’s campus.

Stand Among Friends (SAF) stands apart from many other programs of its kind in that it not only raises money and awareness, but also places its members in a wide range of careers, from hourly employment to high-paid executive positions, allowing people with disabilities to live a life without limits. Shawn created and directed the program, which provides services to over 600 people with disabilities annually, having placed over 440 people with disabilities into productive employment in the past 42 months.

 With Christopher Reeve

Just this month, Stand Among Friends became the proud recipient of The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Quality of Life Grant; receiving $5,500 to support its career-focused Assistive Technology Initiative for college students and adults living with disabilities. The program uses Assistive Technology as a key component of a larger professional placement program called Careerability, which includes vocational evaluation, pre-placement training, internships, on-the-job training, placement, job coaching and long term success mentoring.

o   The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation – Quality of Life Grant (2012)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Spine Revitalizer® Has Your Back Against Injuries

 It is often common with back injuries, that the pain and suffering of surgery is sure to follow. A revolutionary and innovative product by the name of Spine Revitalizer® (www.spinerevitalizer.com) has been formulated to end distressful and often ineffective surgeries. By utilizing specified nutrients such as Gluocsamine and Chondroitin, Spine Revitalizer ® is fighting spinal injuries with what they call focused spine nutrition™. Matt White, creator of Spine Revitalizer ®, suffered from back pain himself.  He absolutely refused to have a surgical procedure on his spinal discs. By focusing on exercise and using the nutrition formulated in Spine Revitalizer ®, Matt recuperated his back to top-notch condition without any agonizing surgeries. Spine Revitalizer ® is manufactured in the United States in a GMP-certified facility with FDA inspected equipment. The product is manufactured for quality and safety.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Franco Corso: A Timeless Voice

Amazing Contemporary singer songwriter Franco Corso has captivated the American audience with his uncanny ability to channel the charisma, poise and style of popular Italian singers such as Andrea Bocelli, Dean Martin, and Jimmy Rosselli. Through his captivating sound, Corso pays homage to Italian icon and singer Andrea Bocelli as well as other Italian-American tunes.  With the help of Emmy award winning international pianist Mike Renzi and featured appearance by award winning, versatile singer- songwriter Briana Cash with ties to strong jazz, pop and intimate vibe, Franco Corso is sure to give his audience the experience of a lifetime! Purchase your tickets now at Berklee Institute of Music.com/events.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Xtra, Xtra- Read All About It: Xtra Plan.org Brings Economic Salvation

Having a secure financial future is on the mind of many  Americans. Unfortunately our struggling economy has impeded a great number of our working class citizens in reaching financial security. A company by the name of XtraPlan.org has configured a breakthrough economic solution, benefiting both the consumer as well as the provider. Every time a consumer purchases something, they will be rewarded with a contribution from the merchant ranging from 1% to 25% which is conveniently placed into an ING savings account belonging to each valued customer. XtraPlan.org's innovative "Nest Egg Contribution Program" which offers free membership and the "Small Business Recovery Program" represent a shared benefit for both customer and merchant thus resulting in economic progress and a bright future for all who part take in it.  Through the XtraPlan.org "Small Business Recovery Program" merchants are provided essential resources such as: web design, e-mail marketing, loyalty programs, and e-commerce website fitted with a shopping cart. XtraPlan.org is a pioneer in rebuilding our nation's economy. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Peter Baksa's Meditation To Manifestation

Life can seem difficult and complex for many of us, but did you know you really can have it all? Celebrated Author, Journalist and Expert Life Coach, Peter Baksa wants to help you achieve the life you have only dreamed about! Having written several inspirational books, Peter Baksa has powerful information he would like to share with you during his free workshop at The Salt Suite in Delray Beach. Check out South Florida’s first salt room and learn everything you need to know to manifest the perfect life. Join us for Peter Baksa's Meditation to Manifestation on June 20th at 3100 S. Federal Highway #3 Delray Beach, FL 33483

Joe Kaufman

From a young age Joe Kaufman was interested in events that impacted the lives of families around the world. After earning his Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communications at the University of Maryland, Joe Kaufman moved to Broward County where he has been an active member of the local community for over 17 years. From fighting to shut down both local and national charities that raise funds in support of terrorist organizations that conspire to kill Americans overseas, to establishing the Americans Against Hate non-profit organization, Joe Kaufman has impacted the lives of American’s everywhere. More than beginning the AAH and fighting for his beliefs, Joe Kaufman has also been an active member of the Florida community by supporting groups like the Broward County Special Olympics, AIPAC and the Anti-Defamation League. From his childhood background and active role in the community it comes as no surprise that he has decided to run for Congress. Joe Kaufman is an active believer, supporter and leader of communities across America. Be sure to follow Joe Kauffman on twitter @joekaufman and facebook at Joe Kaufman for updates along his campaign trail.

'Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Par For The Cause'

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides a comprehensive approach that helps support people with MS maintain their health and well-being. They offer accessible programs and support services to keep one affected by MS self-sufficient and their homes safe, while their educational programs heighten public awareness and promote understanding about the disease.

Stay tuned for the "MSF Par For The Cause" 1st Inaugural golf tournament that will be held at The Parkland Golf & Country Club on October 11th, 2012. If you are interested in additional information or sponsorship opportunities please contact The TransMedia Group.