Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Xtra, Xtra- Read All About It: Xtra Plan.org Brings Economic Salvation

Having a secure financial future is on the mind of many  Americans. Unfortunately our struggling economy has impeded a great number of our working class citizens in reaching financial security. A company by the name of XtraPlan.org has configured a breakthrough economic solution, benefiting both the consumer as well as the provider. Every time a consumer purchases something, they will be rewarded with a contribution from the merchant ranging from 1% to 25% which is conveniently placed into an ING savings account belonging to each valued customer. XtraPlan.org's innovative "Nest Egg Contribution Program" which offers free membership and the "Small Business Recovery Program" represent a shared benefit for both customer and merchant thus resulting in economic progress and a bright future for all who part take in it.  Through the XtraPlan.org "Small Business Recovery Program" merchants are provided essential resources such as: web design, e-mail marketing, loyalty programs, and e-commerce website fitted with a shopping cart. XtraPlan.org is a pioneer in rebuilding our nation's economy. 

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