Monday, May 14, 2012

Palm Beach Neuropsychology Associates.

If you are answering yes, then look no further than the Palm Beach Neuropsychology Associates (PBNA). Dr. Raphael Wald, one of the leading neuropsychologists in Boca Raton, treats a wide range of illnesses, Depression to Alzheimer’s disease to ADHD in the Palm Beach area with the most advanced and up to date research.

Dr. Wald focuses on the appropriate care for a patient by determining their correct diagnosis. He has a wide range and depth of understanding these illnesses that affect the brain and behaviors. Dr. Wald also helps younger children who have been bullied and suffer from emotional struggles.

Dr. Wald and PBNA will be there for you offering their services that can help you have a stronger and better tomorrow. Visit their website for more information.

Peter Baksa Retains TransMedia Group

Peter Baksa ( is an author, investigative journalist, and a professional speaker. He has written several books, including: "The Point of Power", "It's None of My Business What You Think of Me", and "Think Yourself Young". Baksa has been featured in multiple national radio shows and he speaks professionally in workshops and seminars across the country. Additionally, his work has been featured in Tony Robbins’ “Breakthrough: The Power of Crisis” section of the Huffington Post. All of his work encompasses how to achieve personal empowerment in your life. He is considered an expert in this area stemming from studying copious amounts of historic texts, interviewing Tibetan monks and researching the world’s most respected scientists. From all of the knowledge he gained through these experiences and research, Baksa has created a plan that can help just about anyone reach the life they so desire. This plan can be found in his book “The Point of Power”. Recently, Baksa has retained TransMedia group in order to highlight his work through publicity and help boost Baksa’s growing stature as a leading expert in the field of self-empowerment. TransMedia will also aide in helping to equip the public with what Baksa argues are the necessary tools everyone needs in order to live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives. In retaining TransMedia, Baksa’s message will be able to spread further and enhance the lives of many. He believes that too many people today feel constrained by the trials and tribulations in their lives. However, the scientific research, historic texts and life experiences point out that we can transform any situation in our lives into the ones we have always desired. TransMedia will help Baksa spread his message and help change the lives of people everywhere leaving them with feelings of happy and fulfilled lives.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Senior Concierge Providers


Do you have an elderly family member you care and are worried about living on their own?

If so, then Senior Concierge Providers is the company for you. Serving Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach SCP is just a phone call away. Senior Concierge Providers mission is to enrich the lives of seniors living in Florida. They are not a medical home service but rather a life enhancement service. They do so by offering a number of services such as assisting with personal care needs, transportation, meal preparation, medication reminders, and safety supervision or even just to play a nice game of cards. The services range on a wide spectrum and allow those whom they help to feel a sense of freedom and independence. Along with the feelings of freedom and independence comes safety. SCP is associated with ADT Security Systems as well as offers the Personal Response System (PERS). With these around there is no worry for what will happen to your loved one if they are home alone and something were to occur. SCP offers these safety and other services in order to improve the lives of seniors living in Florida. Their services are hourly based and rates depend on services requested. SCP works twenty four hours a day, seven days a week (including holidays!). You’re loved one will never be left alone and they will still have that sense of freedom and independence they so desire. SCP is there for them and will do whatever it takes to ensure their happiness.

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