Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Are You Interested In Becoming A Model?

Avenue Productions Model & Talent Agency

Avenue Productions Model & Talent Agency is a licensed, full-service agency supplying talent for TV Commercials, Print Work, Industrial Videos, TV Series, Movies, Music Videos and Runway. The owners, Karen and Robert Stein have an extensive background to support their talent in the fashion and modeling industry.

They focus on providing clientele with some of the most professional talent available. Looking for attractive, everyday people of ALL ages, sizes and types - outgoing, energetic people with who the general public can identify. Understand that looks are 50% in this business to succeed the “hard work” is our most valuable asset.

Ask yourself if you are ready:

• Will I make a commitment to send out my composites on a regular basis and then follow up with phone calls?

• Do I have the patience to sit at a casting call for several hours? WITHOUT complaining!

• How flexible are my hours?

• Do I have a positive mental attitude?

• Do I have a winning personality?

• Am I prepared to start NOW?

Contact us: http://avemodels.com/Home.html 

Juiceateria: A Unique One of a Kind Juice Bar and Café!

Juiceateria is the newest Juice bar and café in Boca Raton. Located in Royal Palm Place, it offers all natural, preservative and additive free, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. Theya are structured to satisfy those who are mindful of their health and desire the freshes juices. Do you want to start a juice and vegetable cleanse? Juiceateria offers a modest, specially designed and sufficiently varied array of green juices offering you the benefit of the spectrum of nutrients available from a creative and changing regimen. they also offer a full body of detoxification cleansing programs. Learn more at www.juiceateria.com.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Botox on a budget; looking years younger is now just a snap, and click away.

The Age Reverser LLC has developed a unique product that gives women the results of cosmetic surgery without ever having to go under the knife. The Facelift Band (www.TheFaceliftBand.com) is a discrete adjustable band that is camouflaged beneath the hair and then snaps on, gently lifting the sagging and loose skin around the upper face and eye area for a more youthful appearance.

Kelly Crosby Heyniger is the CEO of Age Reverser LLC and the inventor of the Age Reverser Instant Facelift Band.

"At 42, I have now reached an age where I am starting to evaluate the aging process and how it is starting to affect my appearance. I am not ready to go under the knife, and I don't need plastic surgery - yet! So I invented The Facelift Band as a way to freshen up my look," said Crosby.
Her experience as a former actress, model, hairdresser, and makeup artist truly allow her to be a leader in the beauty field, and drive her passion to empower women of all ages.
"It's a fun and simple way to temporarily erase years off your look without plastic surgery or even Botox. So, whether women are in their 30's or 60's, they can feel confident at any age."" said Crosby.

The Global Trade Chamber goal is to help medium and small sized businesses succeed

Global economies are struggling and people are being affected by the lack of capital flowing in the markets. The mission proposed by Al Otero the president of Global Trade Chamber is to get back our medium and small sized businesses on the right track. His main proposal is to help companies connect with other companies in search of new opportunities worldwide. Globalization played a big role in this past years leading businesses worldwide as they interact with each other, expanding their horizons looking for business opportunities.

His goal will be accomplish by “…comprehensible programs and events, marketing services and information enabling companies to connect with new clients, build long term relationships, run ethical and profitable enterprises, and stay ahead of the competition.” (Al Otero)

Global Trade Chamber (http://globaltradechamber.com) works as a tool for enterprises to lead their business and achieve their goals. They offer a large spectrum of resources to help their costumers become leaders. They propose an affordable plan that covers all areas of business to help customers understand their future success.
Are you involved?

Fashion Meets The Fairways! October 11th Tournament.