Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Z Connector: Fusing Fashion and Safety

We have all seen the reports on the rising number of thefts of our precious iPods, iPhones, mp3 players and other mobile devices. Whether its on a subway, a bus, a plane, the mall or even if it's your own couch cushion to blame, our mobile devices are targets for theft. What’s worse is that replacing these devices is no easy chore. It costs extra to get the devices insured, and often that very insurance doesn’t fully replace a lost or stolen item. Then it takes hours of waiting on the phone just to find out the disappointing news that the item won’t be replaced and it will cost a ba-gillion dollars to replace it. Often, we can't even replace our beloved mobile device because of the rabbit paced evolution of technology which leaves a newer and more expensive version of what we want to be replaced as the only option.

Additionally, when we buy our mobile devices, we consistently search for accessories to add to them because we like to make them our own. We feel a sort of connection to our devices, which makes sense; they are with us more than infants are with their mothers. These additions range anywhere from plastic cover screens, to big bulky clips on so we can keep track of it. Unfortunately, most of these clip-ons, cases and pouches don’t look cool and don’t let you carry the phone where you want it most; in your pocket! Fortunately though, for those accessory and style hounds out there that want to keep up on the latest innovative accessories, the Z-connector has arrived.

The Z-connector is a stylish chain that connects to your mobile device and hooks to various articles, including clothing, purses and really just about anything you would want to hook it on to. With gold and silver chains of various designs, the Z-connector brings classic fashion into fission with modern technology. Just as people had elegant and beautiful chains attached to their pocket watches, for style and security, the Z-connector provides both as well. Let’s see a thief try to snatch your previous hand-held devices with a silver or gold chain attached to it. Not happening.

With the Z-connector we finally have an accessory that keeps your phone or mp3 player in your pocket, but without you having to worry about sticky hands getting a hold of it while you’re not looking. Bringing the fashion element is crucial as well. Who doesn’t enjoy an extra draping of shining gold or silver around them? Rather than a bulky, ugly clip on carrier case, feel just as safe, if not more, with the Z-connector, providing you the ultimate connection with your phone or mobile device.