Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The All Natural Bone and Joint Supplement, My Perfect Bones

Gigi Stetler is an inspiring entrepreneur that has turned her passion for horses into a blossoming career.

An animal lover that worked in the horse industry for years; her hard work, and compassion lead her to create her own horse school “riding with style,” based in Broward County, Fl.

But after years of experience with riding, and owning horses she realized how frequently these beautiful creatures experienced bone problems especially those used for professional purposes.

She knew she had to do something – so she created “The Perfect Bones” a supplement line made specifically for horse’s bones that helps protect them. The products are strongly recommended since they are “natural” and carry no side effects. They use organic minerals and patented all natural supplements to fight, reduce, and reverse the symptoms felt by the patient.

The product was so effective that she created the same line of supplements for humans to improve their lifestyle. People have been amazed about the results of the product:

“…As I aged, my vigorous workout routine left me a lot more sore and with much less energy. Taking My Perfect Joints allowed me to maintain the same workout without any pain. Aging no longer hinders me from working out as hard as I want" - Richard, Marketer.”

The product is helping people and animals to prevent injuries and to be more efficient in the everyday lives, for more information visit www.myperfectbones.com .

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