Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Raymond Lee Jewelers teams up with TransMedia Group!

Raymond Lee Jewelers, established in Boca Raton in 1983, has taken on TransMedia Group as their publicity partner. This newly founded relationship paves way for a future filled with great opportunities.

Vice President of Raymond Lee Jewelers and company namesake, Lee Josephson, stated, “When we decided on choosing a PR firm it was an easy decision as TransMedia Group was an organization with tremendous media contacts and resources, ready to share our story with the world”.

Having been family owned by the Josephsons’ for 27 years, Raymond Lee Jewelers has become one of South Florida’s most highly recommended sales and service centers for their array of jewelry.

“Raymond Lee Jewelers has great stories by the carat! Our goals include showcasing their rare collections, spotlighting their community giving, explaining their competitive buying prowess and unveiling their collateral loan business,” added Glen Calder, President of TransMedia Group.

There are many good things to come from this newly formed relationship. Raymond Lee Jewelers and TransMedia Group are confident, that together, this new beginning will open many new and exciting doors for both companies.

Posted by: Britney Fioto

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