Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Future of Digital Media and You: How to Become an Indispensable Member of a Growing Community

Think of the most visually impressive film you’ve seen recently. It is likely that you’re now imagining what it was like to see Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit assemble on its own or perhaps what it felt like to see Vin Diesel making those sharp turns around winding roads in Fast & Furious 6.

Summertime marks the season of movie blockbusters—so let’s shine a spotlight on a college that breeds the creative, computer-savvy minds behind our favorite flicks, as we take a look at Boca Raton’s very own Digital Media Arts College.

The Digital Media Arts College, (DMAC), is responsible for providing programs to those who are passionate in any or all forms of digital media. With Hollywood being out of reach for many, the local campus is an ideal stepping stone for anyone looking to make their mark in modern day advertising, visual effects animation, web design, and beyond.

Have you ever stayed after the movie to watch the credits? The list of necessary animators and designers goes on nearly as long as the movie! And as the norms of media are becoming as advanced as they are, it seems that the degrees offered by DMAC are as in high demand as ever.

Like any college, DMAC provides students with all the necessary tools they need to have an ideal college experience. With active financial aid programs, housing assistance, and student life, DMAC students are encouraged to continue their education outside the classroom as they socialize and build connections with fellow creative minds.

Not only does DMAC offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees, and various certificates, they also provide students with opportunities for further education post-graduation. DMAC keeps their doors unlocked to alumni, so that they may return to campus to refresh skills that are particular to their major at any point after graduation, free of charge. And with technologies changing at the rapid pace that they do, such an offering puts DMAC on another level in terms of career-oriented training.

Reach your creative potential at DMAC and maybe it will be your name we see scrolling in the credits this next summer.

For more information on programs offered by DMAC and enrollment information, visit their website.

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