Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Real Estate: Reaching Out to China

As the real estate market is coming back up from the recession we had a few years ago, realtors are making big plans. One of these realtors is Aviva Eyal. Eyal is with the Keyes Company as a top international realtor, and specializes in luxury real estate right here, in Florida. Thinking outside the box, or more like outside the country, Eyal wants to branch out to China, hoping to interest them with real estate opportunities in the sunshine state.

Not only is Eyal a good realtor, but her international background gives her a leg up on the competition. She has lived in various places, including Taiwan, Israel, London and Germany. She has also studied at Tel Aviv University in Israel, and Su Chow University in Taiwan. To add to the list of international credentials, Eyal also knows how to speak Chinese, Hebrew, and English. Eyal couldn't
have picked a better time to branch out and further her opportunities and with her background in marketing and finance, the Chinese will definitely acknowledge her.

By: Makeda Farrell

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